• Why Squalene Is the Next Big Thing in Beauty
    Carlynn Arcese Jan 15, 2018

    Why Squalene Is the Next Big Thing in Beauty

    Squalene oil is the powerhouse botanical lipid making its rounds in the beauty community as the key to having recharged, moisturized skin. Notable for its restorative properties and plant-based roots, it's the next big thing to add to your skincare routine. And for good reason.


  • Holiday Gift Guide!
    samantha cipriani Dec 13, 2016

    Holiday Gift Guide!

    Hello loves!  Holiday season is upon us so we've put together some of our favorite gift ideas to give to a friend or loved on this season! Every week till christmas we'll be posting one of our gifting guides for you to browse to help conjure up idea's for presents this year! - Let's start with the ladies -  Shopping for women can sometimes be a daunting task, people can...


  • Holiday in Boston
    samantha cipriani Nov 27, 2016

    Holiday in Boston

    Good Morning!  This week so far has been wonderful! With all the craziness and stress that happens day to day in everyones busy lives, I think that this little holiday break was much needed! I arrived in Boston late on Monday night, to a brisk 22 degrees! I have to say, I was not prepared for the harsh weather change.  It's been about two years since I have seen my...


  • samantha cipriani Nov 15, 2016

    Happy Birthday Indie Flea!

      Life doesn't happen in reverse and we have found that things rarely stay the same. We will continue to make the most of our days by sharing our stories, our time, and our love for life with those who looking for inspiration. One Year into the Indie Flea and we refuse to slow down... unless it's for a cute promo clip. Join us for our first birthday party on...


  • Why is a skincare routine important?
    samantha cipriani Nov 14, 2016

    Why is a skincare routine important?

      People lead really busy lifestyles and trust us when we tell you, that you skin will take a toll in the long run! From traveling, partying, beach days to even just your daily grind; you put a lot into your bodies and everything you eat, drink and let hit your skin can effect how your skin looks even if you don't notice it now! Many people ask us this...