Travel beauty 101 : Taking care of your skin while on the go.

Ever been on a flight and arrive at your destination and just think to yourself how awful your skin feels/looks?

   We have been there. Traveling is already stressful, taking care of your skin shouldn't be this big issue while on the go. After being on the road for a month and traveling all the time for work we've put together some of our best travel hacks for your beauty routine to keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated! 

  We have all been on a long flight and arrive at the airport with dull, oily looking skin that feels less than glamorous. Below are a few things you can add to your travel plan to keep your skin looking refreshed and hydrated. 

  • Make-up

Planes are a pretty gross place to be for hours on end. Cabin air on planes is super drying and not ideal for the skin. "One of the biggest differences between cabin air and the air that we are used to is the humidity," explains cosmetic doctor Natalie Blakely, founder of the Light Touch Clinic. "Cabin air is often less than 20% humidity, whereas at home, humidity is 30% or more." That mostly means that skin will lack moisture and dry out faster — and makeup can actually come in handy here.

When is comes to what you wear on your face during your flight, try not to travel with a full face on. BB creams or skincare rich foundation such as Laneige BB cushion with SPF or antioxidant rich imperfection burring NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 can make dry cabin conditions a little more comfortable for skin... while making it look better, too.

  • In flight treatments

Sheet masks, oils + toners - These next ones are a serious life saver, you may feel a little silly applying them during your flight but really, who cares?  While you situate into your seat before taking your power nap try applying a few pumps of toning mist over your face then finishing off with applying one of your favorite sheet masks and leave it on while you nap.

The nutrients moisturizing properties in the sheet mask with help to hydrate your skin and protect your cells from free radicals circulating around during your flight. If you are traveling with a bare cleansed face - apply your sheet mask during the flight and finish up your sheet mask treatment by applying a serum to the skin after you remove the sheet mask - such as one of our travel sized Clarify Me Face Oil's or our Indigo Dreams Face Oil . Each fit perfectly into any make-up bag and both are non-comedogenic and work to absorb fast into the skin without leaving an oily layer sitting on the pores. 

  • Remember, what is your best friend!

And don't forget the most important part!

Drink all the water your heart desires! Staying hydrated during traveling is the most important part, your cells become dehydrated much easier than most people know, keep a bottle of water at your side during your travels and don't be shy, drink up babes! 



Try this out + share your travels with us! We'd love to see how you keep your skin looking flawless during your adventures! Share with us on social media and tag @nightshiftwaxco for a feature on our IG


Happy Travels Beauties!


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