14 Gifts to Treat Yourself to This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and so is discounted chocolate (the best part tbh). But, until then you’ve still got enough time to shop for all your loved ones. Including yourself. Going with this month’s theme of self-love, we’ve gathered up the perfect gifts to buy yourself this V-Day. Because, regardless of your relationship status this year, you are always your most important Valentine. *Cue sappy background music from Full House*


Here are fourteen gifts you can treat yourself to this year (and go ahead write a gift note for yourself while checking out):


1. Sleepy body lotion - Treat yourself to this lavender and tonka infused lotion that actually has been helping people fall asleep faster at night. YES. You read that right.


2. I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts On Being A Woman by Nora Ephron - In this collection of essays Ephron touches on cheap purses, relationships, the right apartment, and so much more. Bath and a good book, anyone?


3. Moviepass - We have been hearing nonstop about this subscription-based movie ticket service. What it offers is a free movie every single day for a flat-fee price for the month. So, basically for a one-time monthly payment of $9.95, you can cry and watch Call Me By Your Name every single day until it leaves theaters (or any movie for that matter.)


4. Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash - If there’s one thing I love splurging on for myself, it’s fancy soap. This one by Aesop has been especially loved on by those over at Into the Gloss, so you know it’s gotta be good. Plus, it’s made with botanical ingredients (this one is mandarin rind, rosemary leaf, and cedar atlas.)


5. Balm Dotcom - Balm Dotcom comes in 6 different flavors (our personal favorites are mint, birthday, and coconut) and you can even save $6 (and get free shipping) when you build your own Balm Dotcom trio. Plus that pink ziploc bag and stickers, amirite?!


6. Moon Kit, Deluxe - From a woman owned and operated design house in L.A., the Wellness + Ritual collection of ritual kits “encourage manifestation through meditation.” Their Moon Kit is the most versatile kit they have and It’s the perfect way to start finding your chill this month.


7. Modern Velvet Accent Chair - This chair has been on our radar after seeing articles written about it for its amazing quality and how wildly affordable it is. It even comes in 4 different colors and is eligible for Amazon prime.


8. Rooibos, Red Wine + Acai Facial Mask - Made with fair-trade rooibos red tea and infused with Italian red wine and acai berries, need I say more? Sitting in a hot bath with a red wine face mask on (while drinking red wine) has self-love written all over it.


9. All the Emotions Club tee - A tee fit for Valentine’s Day or really any day, for that matter.


10. Teaspressa tea jar - Nothing says “I love you, self” quite like making yourself a hot cup of tea. Teaspressa is great because it’s all natural and organic with no artificial flavors or additives. If there’s one thing I love to treat myself to it’s a hot cup of a tea and bingeing my latest Netflix obsession.


11. Embellished Wooden Clog - What says “I love myself and I’m a badass babe” other than studded clogs? Nothing, I say. I’m picturing these with some overalls or wide-leg pants and now all I’m thinking about are clogs.


12. Life is Tough Art Hoop - An awesome reminder to hang up and look at every day, even beyond V-Day.


13. Sonix marble agate phone case - A new phone case is always a great little gift for yourself. So, up your mirror selfie game with this dreamy case and take all the selfies this V-Day.


14. Ocean Salt Texturizing Hair Mist -  Our sea salt spray is one of our favorite treat-yo-self products. It’s made with all natural plant and mineral ingredients and even has a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt in it. With it, you’ll be sure to have the perfect hair day this Valentine’s Day.


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