5 Female-Led Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

We love a good podcast here on the Nightshift team. In fact, that’s kind of all we’ve been listening to lately. This week, we decided to round up some amazing female-led podcasts that we’re getting into and already pretty much obsessed with.


1 – Rookie: Hosted by Tavi Gevinson a.k.a 21 year-old editor-in-chief of the online magazine Rookie, the podcast of the same name offers great discussion on advice, life skills, and pop culture. Tavi has guests from president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, to Stranger Things dream-mom, Winona Ryder, to her musical pals like Lorde and St. Vincent.


Favorite episode: A Specific Sonic World, feat. Lorde


2 – Lady Problems: This podcast from MTV is hosted by Rachel Handler, Teo Bugbee, and Hazel Cills and a rotating panel of other badass babes. Their talks are all about dissecting how pop culture treats women (spoiler: it’s almost always “pretty sh*tty”). The hosts discuss their listener’s lady problems and have some pretty awesome guests on the show (like silver-haired queen, Stacy London).


Favorite episode: No-B******t Goddess Stacy London With Some Great Backstage Emmys Gossip


3 – My Favorite Murder: Ok, so this may be a bit of an obvious one if you’re already a longtime listener and diehard Murderino of Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark’s murder/comedy podcast. This one is our favorite podcast as of late here at Nightshift and it’s for all you lifelong fans of anything true crime. Karen and Georgia tell each other stories of researched murders, as well as share hometown crime tales from their listeners.


Favorite episode: 105 – Proclensity


4 – Banging Book Club: Hosted by three friends—Hannah Witton, Lucy Moon, and Leena Norms—this podcast is a kickass literature podcast in which the hosts read and discuss a book about sex every month. Their episodes are discussions of the books intermixed with their own experiences, and they even throw in some mini-episodes inbetween. Imagine getting together with your closest friends to talk about Carol (Season 2, episode 11) or Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (Season 1, episode 10), that’s basically this podcast.


Favorite episode: The Virgin Suicides | S2E9


5 – Crybabies: Writer Susan Orlean and actress Sarah Thyre co-host Crybabies, a podcast all about the things that make us cry. Each episode features an awesome guest from all walks of the entertainment industry—writers, actors, musicians, comedians, etc—to talk about the music, books, and television that make them cry. Crybabies is humorous, intimate, candid, and ridiculously relatable because yeah, that scene from My Girl (episode 25) still makes us cry. You know the scene.


Favorite episode: 43 R.L. Stine


Next time you’re on your commute to work, folding laundry, or just scrolling through your phone in bed, which one of these will you put on?

Photo by Benny Horne for Oyster


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