5 articles to read while you're waiting for your face mask to dry

Ok, I have to admit that I catch up on the cool articles from around the web while I'm lying in bed with a face mask on. One can only scroll so far on their Instagram and Twitter feeds, and thumbs can only do so much pinning. Lately I've been doing more web reading while masking mainly because A: makes the time fly by and B: I'll have something cool to talk about with friends instead of screaming at them about Westworld and them going "I haven't seen it yet!" Which gets really old, believe me. 

Here are the 5 articles I read this week while I masked with my Nightshift Wax Volcanic Gold Tumeric Clay Mask


1. I Got Styled By 'Queer Eye's Tan France & Realized I Still Have A Lot Of Fashion "Rules" To Unlearn - Olivia Muenter of Bustle got styled by THE Tan France and learned a whole bunch of fashion tips and tricks along the way. Plus she got selfies with him?! 


2. This Former Vogue Exec Trained Herself To Be A Morning Person - I'm constantly amazed by people who are "morning people" and still want to learn their magical ways. How do they do it? Where are they harnessing that energy from? I mean, I know it's sleep, but come on. HOW?! 


3. The Little-Known Female Duo That Obliterated The Gaming Scene In The ‘70s - Badass women in 1977 challenging people to beat them at an arcade game. I think yes. An interesting read on women in video games and also got me thinking about 70s fashion. 


4. Why Margot Robbie Is This Generation's Michelle Pfeiffer - I love Margot Robbie (come on, have you SEEN I, Tonya?!) and obviously Michelle Pfeiffer is an icon, so I was undoubtedly curious to read about how these two are similar. I wasn't disappointed. 


5. Restaurants Are Now Required By Law To List Calorie Counts — Can We Handle It? - As someone who loves to eat out, am I ready to see calorie counts on my favorite dishes? Absolutely not. Please no one tell me how many calories are in my favorite pasta dishes, PLEASE. 


Photo via Into the Gloss

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