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Hot Stuff Massage Candle

$ 20

Set the mood, then elevate it.

With our Hot Stuff Massage Candle:

Made with skin-softening jojoba and soybean oils, this hand-poured massage candle is made with 100% cotton, lead-free wick, and cruelty-free ingredients. Once melted and extinguished, it can be poured on the skin. Contains soy.

○ Cruelty-free
○ Glycerin-free
○ Paraben-free
○ 100% cotton, lead-free wick
○ Phthalate-free
○ Low burning temperature
○ Ultra-hydrating
○ Made in USA

Scent no. 1: Blended with warming notes of amber, sandalwood, bergamot, oud & agarwood.

Scent no. 0: Unscented

Size: 3 oz | 20-30 hrs burn time.

How to use: 

Light the candle for 10–15 minutes to allow enough oil to form (and it’ll help set the mood). Once you blow out the candle, the melted oil is ready to use. Because it’s oil-based, the candle has a lower burning temperature and will be warm. You can either pour the oil directly onto the skin or apply with your fingertips and massage it in. The light and silky texture will moisturize and absorb into the skin and can be reapplied as desired. 

To extinguish your candle, gently blow out the flame and contain any smoke with the jar's lid. A wick snuffer works great, too. Never attempt to extinguish a candle using water.

*Massage candles are not safe for direct use on private areas; meant to use for massage and sexy four-play <3*

Read all about the Hot Stuff FAQ here.

Our candles are made with organic USA-grown soy wax and premium-grade organic fragrance oils.
All candles are carefully hand-poured, custom blended, and use non-lead and non-dyed natural braided cotton wicks.

Candles are packaged in amber or clear glass reusable jars with gold metal lids or cork.

100% Paraffin and Toxin + Cruelty - Free.

Before we ship out any candle - each candle is carefully inspected, hand labeled, and packaged to our clean and professional standards by our team. Each small batch of candles also gets burn tested to ensure that the batch is burning evenly, clean, and with a wonderful fragrance throw while lit. We make sure the product you'll be receiving from us is nothing but the best!

For tips on repurposing your candle jar head over HERE.

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