Skincare line is here!

Powerful plant derived ingredients! 

      We can't express how super excited we are to officially introduce the NightShift Skincare line! It's been a long journey from getting certified in aromatherapy to several months of trial and error for formulations - but are so happy with the end result! We wanted to create a line of skincare that was completely pure and natural. Each of our products in the line was created using only pure plant extracts and oils! 
     In making this line we took careful time to make sure each of our ingredients were only the best on the market. All of the ingredients used have been ethically sourced and contain only the best of what our earth has to offer - from natural plant extracts + oils, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, fatty acids, vitamin rich compounds, naturally steam distilled herb and nut oils, natural mineral clays and azulene rich oils. Delivering to you 100% organic and plant based products - no harmful fillers, dyes, fragrances or additives ever added! 
    Whether it's one of our candles we're burn testing or a clay mineral mask - we personally test and try out all of our products first before launching them! Never tested on animals! We can't wait for you to try them and fall in love with the results! 
Check out the line, and stay tuned - we're working on launching 4 more products to the line in December! 
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