Holiday in Boston

Good Morning! 

This week so far has been wonderful! With all the craziness and stress that happens day to day in everyones busy lives, I think that this little holiday break was much needed! I arrived in Boston late on Monday night, to a brisk 22 degrees! I have to say, I was not prepared for the harsh weather change. 

It's been about two years since I have seen my younger sister Kaitlyn, so spending some time with her up here has been wonderful! She was pleasantly surprised when I opened my carry-on and had some skincare gifts for her to try out! The cold weather here takes a big toll on her skin, especially leaving it dry and flaky in some parts. Our Indigo Dreams face oil has been working wonders on my skin keeping it moisturized and less red due to the dryness in the air. My sister actually had me apply it on her back to help heal and soothe her chapped skin from the cold and it calmed her skin almost immediately.

She took me into the city last night and we grabbed a delicious bowl of ramen together, a cocktail from a beautiful spot called the Gallows and then spent some time with her good friend Patrice. All in all I can say it's been wonderful here, but I am looking forward to coming home this Monday, and getting back in the swing on things. I've been working on a perfect formulation for a milk cleanser and a facial steam - stay tuned to hear more about those and I'll be updating the site this week with new stock on body and facial scrubs! 



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Hi Sam. This is Deanah. We met in the olane from Manchester to Detroit. It was a joy to sit next to you and have such pleasant company on an otherwise boring flight.

Deanah Messenger May 22, 2018

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