Holiday Gift Guide!

Hello loves! 

Holiday season is upon us so we've put together some of our favorite gift ideas to give to a friend or loved on this season! Every week till christmas we'll be posting one of our gifting guides for you to browse to help conjure up idea's for presents this year!

- Let's start with the ladies - 

Shopping for women can sometimes be a daunting task, people can be very hard to surprise with a lovely gift that they'll actually adore. We've been asking around and put in some personal favorites on holiday gifts we would absolutely love this year, plus they are all local! Theres nothing better than buying something truly unique for someone at the same time supporting makers and small businesses out there! Here are some of our favorites from our shop as well as some other amazing makers! 


1. Oranges Embroidery Hoop by The Folk Lohr - $50

We absolutely love everything that The Folk Lohr creates! Wether your friend or loved on lives in beautiful Tampa Bay, or in snowy NYC - this adorable handmade embroidery will be a welcomed addition to their space! Plus who doesn't love embroidery!? You can shop her Etsy (link above) or find her at a local market in the Tampa Bay area. 

2. Frankincense + Myrrh Soy Candle (16oz Amber Jar)  - $48

This candle is blooming with delicate aromas of myrrh, sandalwood, frankincense with soft hints of musk and amber. This light and inviting fragrance is perfect for the holidays! It will fill each space with a light and inviting scent without being to intrusive for those who are sensitive to other bold fragrances. Plus our lovely amber apothecary jars are reusable and can be repurposed as a catch all container, planter or can be used as a storage container for spices, etc. Let them know to check out our candle care page on tips to repurpose their container! 

3. T-Rex Succulent Planter by O'Berry's Succulents- $20

These beautiful planted creations are a perfect addition to any space, regardless if it's one of Oberry's adorable small desk planters or a larger succulent centerpiece each one is unique and styled beautifully! We love these arrangements planted in objects ranging from small vintage porcelain figurines to large amazing hanging wall planters - anyone would be thrilled to receive one of her products! Even if you tend to be a accidental plant killer - you need not fret! Keeping these babies alive and well is cake, just water once a week and keep in some sunlight - these adorable succulents will flourish indoors or out! Find her on Etsy or at several local Tampa Bay markets. 

4. The Mini, Waxed Canvas Backpack by Anhaica Bag Works - $165

Hand waxed canvas backpack in a "mini" size. This backpack is fully lined with coated nylon to increase water resistance. - Anhaica Bag Works

We can't get enough of this woman's talent and love for all things natural! All of her bags are beautifully hand waxed leaving each one with a "leather" looking bag but vegan and natural! Even-though her products are a little on the higher budget side of gifts - your friend or loved one will not be disappointed. You get what you pay for with her products - a beautiful hand stitched and delicately tailored bag that will prove sturdy and hold up for any adventure! 

5. Indigo Dreams Facial Oil Serum - $71

A perfect gift for any woman or skin type! This is one of our favorites from our shop, this indigo beauty will repair, re-nourish and purify skin tone to its natural glory and add additional vitamins and powerful plant botanicals! Handcrafted with only organic and steam distilled oils and extracts - this oil ill filled with amazing azulene rich oils such as blue tansy, yarrow and chamomile as well as argan, kukui nut, jojoba oils as well as rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-fungals, omega fatty acids and several amazing skin boosting vitamins. Plus it does wonders for oily skin, by helping to regulate the skins natural sebum production, replacing your skin with healthy and clean moisture. Leaving your face feeling softer, calmed and balanced! 

6. Macrame Wall Hanging Fiber Art by Elizabeth Mctague - $40 - 120

Elizabeth creates beautiful one-of-a-kind hand woven macrame wall hangers that would make anyone fall in love. Each of her items are perfect for any home or office and would add that soft touch or pop of color anyone desires! Her items are limited so grab one while they're in stock! 

7. Custom Coffin Ring by Black Springs Folkart - $100

We are obsessed with everything that this local shop puts out! Every item is carefully designed and handmade using a variety of metals and stones such as turquoise, rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, pyrite, many types of Jasper, bloodstone, onyx, petrified wood, petrified coral, sodalite, rhodonite, many variations of agate, and many more! Gifting one of their items this year will no doubt be an absolute hit, there's no way your friend or loved one wouldn't fall in love with one of their beautiful unique pieces. 

8. Coal + Salt Soap by Bodhi Basics - $9.00


We've been lovers of Bodhi's products for some time now, and you'll become a lover as well once you get your hands on one of her handmade soaps! All of her products are pure and derived from earth's plants, minerals and clays. Each item is crafted with care and vegan. Grab one for someone you love this holiday!

9. French Green Clay Mineral Mask - $32

Our French Green clay mask is truly a dream for your skin! Perfect for acne prone, aging or oily skin types. This mask is packed full of rich plant and sea plant nutrients such as seaweed kelp, aloe leaf powder, blue tansy and lavender leaving your skin balanced, soothed and softer than ever! 

10. Bated Breath Solid Perfume by Thorne & Thicket - $15

Warm, heady and deeply floral. clove and benzoin resin are wrapped within a velvety layer of jasmine absolute. bated breath is simultaneously pure and provocative. if the sheet scene in Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet had a scent, this would be it. - Thorn + Thicket

I mean, what more do we need to say! These little pocket sized solid perfumes are perfect for any woman! They fit beautifully in any purse, bag or pocket and last forever. The all natural ingredients used provide a soft and lovely perfume scent thats never overbearing. Plus they have a added bonus and double as a split end treatment, leaving your hair smelling divine! 

11. Spiced Apple Stout Jam by Urban Canning - $10

Like mama’s apple pie – with the added richness of a full­ bodied craft stout. Try it with yogurt and granola, as a topper on ice cream, or to perk up pork dishes. We like it best with buttered biscuits. - Urban Canning

We are die hard lovers of this local gem called Urban Canning! Since launching from day one owner Illene and her team have mastered the art of canning and have created a ever changing line of unique and mouth watering jams, spreads and more! Find her products at her brand new brick and mortar location ( address via website) or at several of the local markets in the Tampa Bay area! 


Well we hope you our recommendations as much as we do! Grab something off this list and you'll be definitely receiving some ++points on your gifting skills this holiday season! 


Happy Shopping! 


xoxo - Nightshift Team 

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