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French Green - Clay Mineral Mask

$ 38


Our French Green - Clay Mineral Mask is made with 100% all natural plant and mineral ingredients - no harmful fillers added. With a subtle aroma of lavender this combination of organic French Green clay, aloe leaf powder, azulene packed oils such as blue yarrow and organic therapeutic grade essential oils will leave your skin balanced, soothed and softer than ever, your face will thank you!Best if used on oily, damaged, combination or aging skin.

+ All natural and organic

+ Made from plants and natural essential oils.

+ Vegan and cruelty free

+ Handmade in USA

Directions for use:In a small non-metal dish mix a spoonful of clay (1-2 tsp recommended) with water to create desired consistency of paste needed. Apply mask onto bare face using cotton ball, finger tips or a cosmetic application brush, covering forehead, cheeks and t-zone area while avoiding eyes. Let mask sit on face for 10-15 mins. or until dry. Gently rise off mask with warm water and pat face dry. Follow with ourHibiscus + Neroli Toning Mist, then finish with ourRose Vitality Face Oil to moisturize. Best if used 1-2 times a week.

For a more personalized experience: Try replacing water in mix for organic raw honey, yogurt, flower hydrosol or one of your favorite facial toners.

Size: 2oz / 60ml reusable glass jar.

Disclaimer:Staining may occur, apply mask carefully away from fabrics. Slight tingling upon application is normal. Dryness may occur if used more than suggested. Due to the natural ingredients used color of product may vary. This product is not pregnancy safe.


French green clay: Created from curative volcanic ashes, packed full of amazing natural trace minerals. This clay has many skin benefiting properties such as being calming, purifying, adsorbent and absorbent. Green clay naturally fights against bacteria and irritation caused by impurities. This clay literally ÛÏdrinks۝ the oils, toxins and other harmful agents from your skin while also stimulating skin by bringing aiding in circulation in skin cells.

Blue yarrow: Rich in chamazulene and azulene content making it a very powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and anti-allergic. Helps to balance oily, dull and sensitive skin while aiding in the regeneration of skin cells. This oil is a ultra soothing addition for all skin types.

Blue Tansy:The oil۪s magnificent blue color comes from chamazulene and azulene that is produced during a precise distillation process. The guaiol and guaiazulene are known to reduce the body's response to irritation. Blue tansy۪s most prominent features are its antibacterial, antihistamine, and general anti-inflammatory nature, with a side effect of skin-calming and reaction-soothing benefits. This rare and precious oil will do wonders on your skin!

Blue Chamomile:Widely known for its calming properties. Blue Chamomile essential oil has a high content of azulene, the active organic compound of chamomile, which bears a blue color. Azulene has anti-inflammatory,skin healing properties. Aids in the diminishing of scars and evening skin tone

Lavandin Flower extract: Lavandin is a slightly different strain than the true Lavender plant. Being packed full with benefiting skin properties such as anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, aids in skin cell regeneration, improves blood circulation and fights against acne.

Full Ingredients List:Montmorillonite, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Lavandula spp.(Lavandin) Flower Powder,Tanacetum annuum (Blue Tansy) Leaf Oil),Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Oil, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Oil, Lavandula angustifolia,Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil.

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