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Elements Collection - Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Set

$ 64

Earth -  Become grounded. Earth represents all things in life. Evoking meditation, peacefulness, change and growth. Luxurious fragrances including vetiver, moss, mahogany, wild sage + bergamot beautifully blend into orange peel, patchouli, vanilla bean, tonka and oud. 

Air - Representing intellect, mental intention, and connection to universal life force. Our representation of Air evokes relaxation and creativity - with the fragrance combination of red plum, blood orange, hibiscus palm, ozone and lilac. Wrapped up gently in the essence of amber, juniper + bamboo. Unwind and welcome productivity while you burn this beauty.

Fire - powerful, bright and inviting. Mother nature's terrifying yet beautiful element. Evoking dominance, productivity, life and intensity. This fragrance powerhouse is an invigorating combination of floral luxuries of rose, ylang ylang and gardenia. Balanced perfectly into the citrus ecstasy of yuzu, mandarin, Italian petitgrain and bergamot. Light this beauty and open your senses. 

Water - Representing change, release + intuition. Our representation of Water evokes inner reflection and self growth. Transporting you to a euphoric state of mind with the divine scents of baby's breath, white tea leaves, jasmine and ripe peaches. While the heavenly combination of sea salt, musk, tuberose and lily surround you with calming ease. 

What's included in set: (4) 10ml | 0.34 oz - glass amber euro dropper bottle | one of each element scent. 

How to use: Add 2-3 drops to an ultrasonic diffuser. For external use only.

*Product works best in electric water diffusers, warming plate diffusers - not meant for diffuser reed sticks.*

This set is sold at 20% off! Normal retail value of $80.00


All Nightshift diffuser blends are formulated with a proprietary blend of aromatherapy grade essential oils. Never diluted. Always non-toxic and cruelty-free. 

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