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All Seasons Perfume Roller Box Set

$ 114 $ 144

Experience our all seasons perfume collection with all 8 of our botanical rollerball perfumes. Each fragrance inspired by memory, places, woman and nature - one for all moods.

Blended using botanical essential oils, luxurious kukui nut oil + vegan perfume oils. Each acting like a musk and providing a scent that is a little different on every individual, making each perfume unique to it’s wearer and highlighting each ones own scent. 

**All 8 perfumes valued at over $130.00 retail - box set is sold at a 20% discount to be able to try them all, or gift some to friends. ** 


8 Botanical Perfumes - 8ml glass perfume rollerball vials.  

(1) Oregon Coast - musk, oud, woods, patchouli + tobacco leaf 

(1) Cedar + Smoke - fresh, green, bright, spruce, cedar + moss 

(1) Sunday Morning - botanical, earthy, floral, rose, lily, bergamot + French Neroli

(1) Coriander + Tonka - warm, sweet, spiced, amber + sultry

(1) Fire Sign - complex, rich, sweet, spiced + citrus

(1) Sierra - bright, green, earthy, chypre, vetiver

(1) The Library - woods, dust, old paper, ink, mahogany, worn leather, amber

(1) Stevie '81 - complex, smoky, sweet, incense, cannabis, aged bourbon, vanilla oak, gardenia + black jasmine.


C R U L E T Y - F R E E   C U L T U R E 


+ All natural and organic

+ Made from plants, natural oils + luxury perfume oils.

+ Paraben free

+ Non-Toxic and Cruelty-Free

+ Handmade in USA


Disclaimer: Due to the all natural ingredients in this product, change in color and texture may appear over time. This does not lessen the effectiveness of the product. For best results, keep out of hot or fluctuating temperatures. This product has a 13 month shelf life. Avoid getting into eyes or mouth. 

Full Ingredients List: Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Kukui Nut Oil, Fractionatied Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Fragrance, Organic Alchohol. 

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